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Robert Peston: Not just a diamond, he’s a diamond dawg!


It’s hard to remember those sunny pre-crash days, before the bankers got greedy and sold the economy down the river. As the bleak ruinous reality unfolded, Robert Peston’s daily ‘Upshares, Downshares’ reports on… Continue reading

Do you have just under 9 hours to spare?


Do you fancy listening to Emperor Palpatine being Satan? Sure you do! This is one of the better Youtube audio books available, a lot of these free audio books are voiced by people… Continue reading

If I could turn back time, or… Why I wish I could go back to Leigh Delamere Motorway Services and introduce Sue Perkins to Virginia Woolf.


On Saturday, I travelled back to Wales with my family after a week’s worth of fun and sunshine in Cyprus. After landing in Stansted, the silent one did the first driving stint, and… Continue reading