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Fathers’ Day present? Don’t hold your breath


Move over evil stepmothers, you’ve got company. We all know that in the world of fiction, there’s no parent worse than a step-mother. Fairy tales are the main culprits for purveying such gender… Continue reading

How to get fit with Books and Stationary


Before the spelling police turn up to arrest me,  that does say stationary, not stationery. It’s a reference to my new (to me) stationary bike, or noncycle as I like to call it.… Continue reading

Cheer Up Dave, the dead are still asleep.


What is it about Dickens and death? At the beginning of ‘Great Expectations’ Philip ‘Pip’ Pirrip is hanging out in the graveyard with his dead relations, when the fated encounter with terrifying Magwitch… Continue reading