Would I run for new books? Hell yeah!

An unexpected boon of getting up early on a Saturday morning to run 3 miles at my local parkrun (the very lovely Colby Gardens) is being able to pop into Narberth on my way home. Floating on a little cloud of post-run endorphins and smugness, I pick up a couple of freshly baked loaves from Ultracomida before having a quick nose at the books in the Paul Sartori charity shop.



Last week I got really lucky with a bumper book haul. Excited by my finds, I found myself earnestly thrusting a secondhand copy of Dodie Smith’sΒ I Capture the Castle into the hands of a complete stranger with enthusiastic recommendations. Slightly startled, she thanked me and swiftly proceeded to the till. I do hope she liked it and wasn’t too scared – after all, it’s not every day you find yourself being accosted by a sweaty, lycra-clad woman fiercely championing a favourite book.

Here’s my haul – they even gave me a free natty bag!