Behold! A rushed post.

So, why post at all?

Because otherwise, like going to the gym and keeping up my vehicle’s main-dealer service record, blogging will become something I used to do regularly, got out of the habit of, and it’s an effort to get back on track.

My excuse is it’s EMA time, which people who’ve done OU courses know is the ‘end of module assessment’, and a biggie that can’t be missed or messed about with, marks-wise. I’m trying to give it the attention it deserves, meanwhile I’m taking long but low-paid temp shifts to get by, and also doing an SVQ (blaahhhh!) in social care with the one permanent part time job I’ve been left with. Memorising regulations is hoot. Yep. So much fun. Urgh.

However, I’ve been to the library. The featured picture is Peterhead library in less-trafficky days. There’s a museum upstairs that is known for its stuffed polar bear, and once, a Peterhead Prison exhibition with confiscated weapons like a razorblade stuck to a toothbrush handle. That would really wake a person up should they accidentally mistake it for their toothbrush in the dark.

I got this book out as like in my last post, I was attracted to a recommendation from someone I like (most of the time), and an up-front sticker that I didn’t recognise. There was a Specsavers Book Club on Channel 4??


Luckily, the lovely ‘Winter’ cover makes up for everything.


The other thing I’ve been thinking about is how not this academic year but the next, my daughter will be off abroad. This leaves me in the house alone-ish (the cat counts as a person-ish), which I’ve found from her previous times away, leaves me a lot of free time. Even when working all day, to have an evening with zero teen-taxi duty, a house that stays clean, a washing machine that’s only used half the time, dinners that don’t need to actually fall in the category of a proper meal, I could do 120 credits of study in a year instead of the current part-time 60. I’ve checked the funding and the part-time fee grant will cover me for full time if it’s with the OU. Even if I only managed it for one year, and circumstances changed, it would speed things up a bit.

If anyone has studied full-time while working full-time, please feel free to throw advice and/or dire warnings at me.