…..and another birthday!

This time, mine! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I’d be able to navigate the snowy country lanes around my house, last Saturday, I spent my birthday at the football with my Dad. It seemed to be destiny that my team, West Ham United happened to be playing at Swansea’s Liberty stadium on the very day of my birth, however, providence had no further generosity to share, and they got utterly panned by the Swans, 4-1. Still, it was a fun day out, and character-building to boot.

birthday 4

Me and my Dad, or two peas in a pod, as my mother would say.

As all book-lovers know, birthdays mean presents, and presents mean books – hurrah! I had some fabulous new additions to my collection. I’m so excited about the Icelandic pair from my husband, and the Basquiat was a well-chosen surprise from my brother.

I also had to include a picture of the two best birthday cards I received. On the left, my mustachioed children (they clearly have my genes!), and on the right, Bowie as I’ve never seen him before. Perched on the arm of the sofa with his little glass of sherry, he looks like he’s making a special guest appearance in Abigail’s party, and with that bouff, is showing a remarkable resemblence to ‘our Cilla’! (Thanks Lucy, I love it!)

birthday 5

I also received a box of my favourite chocs from my daughter and a set of Schubert cds from my son, so I’ve been feeling very spoiled.

birthday 3

In other news, I’ve had a few other new books arrive in the past few weeks. I bought the Per Petterson book after reading and loving Out Stealing Horses not long ago, and have replaced my other copy of ‘The Enchanted April’ as it has gone missing. I’ve clearly lent it out to someone, but can’t remember to whom. Lastly, I’m currently reading Miss Boston and Miss Hargreaves which I won in Heavenali’s giveaway. Thanks Ali, I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

birthday 2

Lastly, I’m bursting with excitement as I’ve finally hauled myself out of the quicksand of procrastination and have set up a local book group. I forged lifelong friendships in my Brighton book group, and I’ll still be a satellite member, joining them for annual weekends away, but it’ll feel good to have an excuse to get together regularly with new friends where I live. It’s about time, it’s only taken me ten years to get organised! As it was International Women’s Day yesterday, and the long list for the Women’s prize was released, I picked a title from that, so our first read will be Sarah Schmidt’s See What I Have Done. I wonder what we’ll all make of it? I can’t wait to find out!