A Banff Birthday with Brontës and Butterflies.

I had a mid-week birthday last week and what with being the only person I know not at work that day, I decided to take myself out.

First thing in the morning my daughter presented me with a bundle of gifts wrapped in Christmas paper, but not Santa and like, but tasteful, slightly vague holly. I approved, as we had tons left over and she’d skinted herself too much on the gifts to be buying birthday paper.

She gave me two Brontë-related books, both of which had been on my wishlist. I now have a quite a collection of Brontë books, enough to give them their own little shelf. She also got me lots (and lots!) of page-marking sticky things which I’ve found great for studying, and some little butterfly earrings. She then had herself ready to leave and be dropped at the bus stop actually on-time. This avoided the usual morning panicky shouting session. A reduction in blood pressure is the best gift of all.


Then I took myself off to Banff, a nice little town up the coast with a good class of knick-knack shops and bakeries. I bought myself some locally-made scented candles (votives were only £1 each and proper smelly, and even the fancy rose-shaped ones burn well) and with frugality in mind, and ate a packed lunch parked right up to the sea.


I then went to Duff House, a country house art gallery, for a walk in the grounds. As I used their very nice loos didn’t pay to go round, I bought a couple of postcards in the gift shop. An example from an exhibition they have on right now was outside, a very sweet horsey skeleton-ish thing with a gentle demeanour, which isn’t easy to make out of industrial bits of metal. What a difference a pair of eyes make.


Then I walked along to the mausoleum, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned in a post before. It’s by the river, has an impressive gate and a guy around the back having a kip in an alcove, a bit like when you have a party and the morning after find someone asleep on the patio furniture.



All in all, a fab day out, and all for under a tenner.