View over the top of my book #27

My husband is about to start the final placement of his Social Work degree – hooray! The end is in sight, but for the next six months he won’t really be able to take much annual leave – Boo! So, to recharge our batteries before the stresses of finals and the like hit home, we decided to pack our bags, book some flights and a cheap Air B’n’b and head off to the sunshine for a week. Alas, due to the increasingly draconian attitude of the school towards any absence not involving snow, broken limbs, or actual death, my daughter had to stay with her grandparents while we were away. She was remarkably stoic about the situation especially when she realised that she’d get spoiled rotten for the duration of her stay.

Tenerife view over book

Figuring that the Canary Islands would be our best bet for sunshine at this time of year, we managed to get flights and a place to stay in Icod de los Vinos in Tenerife, and apart from the first couple of days which were a little cool, we were able to unwind and read in the sunshine as well as exploring the local area. As well as a sun-filled terrace by the pool, the place we stayed had a lovely little reading cabin which I headed down to when it got a little chillier in the late afternoons – how heavenly is that?

We did a lot of reading while we were there, but also made time to nose around the local town and further afield in the hire car. The coastline in the north of the island is stunning and really dramatic with its rocky outcrops resisting the incessant battering from huge waves, and I couldn’t get over the colour of the sand!

Choosing what to read on holiday is always a challenge – I never know what I’ll be in the mood for! I ended up taking Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life and Vera Brittain’s Testament of Youth which turned out to be good choices. Such powerfully affecting stories will at least ensure that I won’t forget this week away for a very long time to come.