Seeds For The Robins, Neeps For The Deer.

Storm Caroline made the end of my week a cold, wet and battered one. The area I cover with my sheltered housing job is coastal, and the sea often came up over the road, and some routes were shut entirely. If it wasn’t a flood it was a snow drift. So after a couple of days of bad hairstyles and dodging flying wheelie bins, I was chuffed to get a text from the library to say some books I’d ordered were in. Munich, by Robert Harris, Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban, and Grief is the Thing With Feathers by Max Porter. And I dug out Crimson Snow, a collection of short stories from the British Library Crime Classics, as my weekend was going to be indoors and warm.


However *sleigh bell noise* once the wind was gone the snow was so pretty! Each morning I was out walking at dawn, feeding the birds, and looking at the tracks. I love that my footprint can be right next to that of a deer, badger or fox. Going out each morning and seeing what had been moving about in the garden makes me exceptionally happy. And there was even lower temperatures and fresh fall on Saturday night, so on I made my daughter come with me (getting an 18 year old out of bed on a dark Sunday morning is no mean feat, I had to break out the pancakes) so we could see the sun come up at a nearby lake.

I’m supposed to be getting ahead of some paperwork for my job and prepping for an OU tutorial next week, not to mention the weekly washing and ironing, but instead all I’ve done is skip about in the snow with Troika playing on a loop in my head, eat Lebkuchen, play about with my Christmas tree,  and take pictures.




However, even though there was another sparkly fall last night that froze and glittered in the moonlight, Monday morning loomed. The snow could bugger off. It became the treacherous icy stuff that made my journey to work, sometimes on virgin, untreated roads, three times longer. I follow the theory that if you’re driving very slowly and you slide, you’ll crash slowly. Better to dent a wing than end up on the roof.

But, the coolest thing happened, I put out some cat food in one place and bread in another overnight, as I hoped to see some footprints in the morning. A fox had the cat food and a huge-footed hare polished off the bread (I presume their visits didn’t overlap!)  So tonight, I left the hare a bowl of bunny food.  I also found half a neep and cut that up as I once saw a deer trying to dig one up, and a handful of my rabbit’s hay. They may not know it, but my pets been very giving of their supplies these past few days.