View over the top of my Book #26

One of my jobs requires me to travel around the county covering for staff sickness and holidays in Sheltered Housing. I tend to swoop in for a day or two, leaving a trail of chaos in my wake as the systems and apparatus are slightly different in each place. The growing feeling of incompetence as each of these days progresses can be stressful and demoralising, but there it is. Better an idiot at the helm than none at all, and maybe I’ll get better at it over time. Maybe.

I like to get out for a bit of a walk and some fresh air at lunch times, although often that means traipsing through lost estates of dilapidated housing that leave me feeling morose and a bit Shelagh Delaney. However, working in Milford Haven this week, I found a little short cut to a path with a bench overlooking the docks. It was a dry and bright day, though a little breezy, so I braved the wind to bask in the sunshine for a while with my book. It was a little oasis of joy that left me glowing for the rest of the day.