Heavy Reading

My son is a cadet in the merchant navy and he has just set sail on his next voyage – sob! I took him to the airport to see him off, and on arrival he admitted that he was a little concerned that his baggage might exceed the weight limit. The self-check in aisle wasn’t working, but as the scales were, we managed to haul his bag on, only to have his fears confirmed. Two kilos over – yikes! A cut-throat decision had to be made and fast, and while I’d always choose books over clothing when travelling, at 1310 pages, this hefty doorstop just screamed excess baggage to me.

sea 2

I even went and weighed it on the belt – two kilos exactly – so it had to go. Had I not been there, my son would have had to wave goodbye to hours (er, more like several lifetimes) of bedtime reading on everything you could possibly hope to know about life on the ocean wave, forever.

Luckily, I was there to save the day, and until he returns home to claim it, the wealth of shipping information within it, is mine to enjoy. It has some fab photos and diagrams, but I’m not yet sure whether it’ll be more use as a source of fascinating information or a remedy for insomnia. Only time will tell. Still, this surely ticks the ‘sea-based book’ box on our #Around the World in 80 Books Reading Challenge, so either way it’s a win!

sea 5