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As I’ve not long been back from my jaunt to France and have only just finally cleared the mountain of washing, this is just a little taster of my trip. We only went for a week, but we managed to pack so much in, it feels like we were away for much longer. I returned home with more Breton stripes than I left with, and a serious case of itchy feet. The travel bug has bitten hard!

I’ll expand on the trip in my next post, but for now, here’s a picture I took in Amien’s hortillonages, or floating gardens. Willows trail into the streams meandering around the little garden islands and tiny decorative bridges traverse the waterways allowing you to wander, or you can explore at a more leisurely pace by boat. The gardens were filled with sculptures when we went. It was such a magical place.

amiens 1


amiens 2

Here are a few more snaps of Amiens. I’ve been before and will visit again, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it!