*Required* to buy books

Required. Required to purchase books. Get in! That’s up there with being required to purchase Jammie Dodgers.

The thing about embalming is it’s not on the list of qualifications that a student loan or Learning Account will pay for. If you want to embalm folk, you’re on your own regarding tuition fees. And while I struggled with the overtime and economising it entailed, now that, and the fact I earn under 25k a year, means I can get a part-time fee grant from the Scottish Government. Cheers, government! I can (after a substantial amount of forms and document photocopying) take an OU course of my choice!

I have chosen a BA in history, as it’s subject I enjoy reading about and all the fun days out it can give me, and even the foundation compulsory module of ‘Arts Past and Present’  (a.k.a ‘Essays — get used to ’em’)is also something I also like the look of. And I got to yell ‘Bingo!’ twice when I got my book list, and found there were two I already had. As much as I love being forced to buy books, well, you know, eating and rent and stuff.

Marlowe’s Dr Faustus, (both the book and the DVD of the awesome Globe performance with Arthur Darvill as Mephistopheles) and Heany’s adaptation of Antigone The Burial at Thebes are already on my shelf.


I ordered the other two below, interested to see how when you click on one and the rest would be recommended, the internet having learned the well-trodden path of the purchasing habits of compulsory OU modules. A look at the next module which includes the Industrial Revolution shows Charles Dickens’ Hard Times is on that list, and again I got to high five my earlier self for her previous book collecting.



I’m not quite sure where I’m going to find the time to do this, but then unless a person has to care for toddlers or elderly relatives (or both, the ultimate nightmare) then time spent on Twitter or Netflixing can logically be re-purposed for study. And teenagers who should be organising their own transport and taking their turn in the kitchen can be told Your favourite jeans aren’t clean as they’re probably still where you left them, ON YOUR FLOOR! Pull your weight! When I was your age I lived in a bedsit and washed my jeans in the kitchen sink! I had a spin dryer that unplugged itself as it walked across the room unless I held onto it!

And finally, any type of study (and in fact, living in general) requires stationery purchases. New ring binders and pads and pens and flash drives and a miniature stapler with rainbow staples which I will find a use for, I’m sure. Yay! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

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