Happy 500th Anniversary, Marty!

This year is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s outdoor wallpapering activities. We now know he probably glued his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg, which makes far more sense than nailing, as even heavy parchment would be likely ripped off by wind, but as every book-sticker designer knows, glue means it (or at least its sticky residue) is there forever.

So, to commemorate this huge change in Christian philosophy that would open minds and start wars, topple and make kings, Martin Luther was at a church near me to re-enact this momentous occasion.

He had started the day wanting to use the door of a Catholic church, but in Scotland, Catholicism is thin on the ground. He then wanted to use a local monastery with particularly grand doors, but as it was a sunny weekend and the entrance is in an area of high road traffic and visitors, the photographer (me) and the photographer’s teenage daughter found their courage deserted them when it came to setting up photo opportunities under the gaze of passers-by. So, here he is at a quieter (but with a decidedly less impressive door) church, at Cruden Bay.


He is a tad short, so he requested I took a close-up.


He drew the attention of the some children, the village pirate and Viking, and a good time was had by all, with only one pitchfork-related arrest.


I know exactly what you’re all thinking—that you’d like your own Martin Luther. I got mine for my birthday, and I understand he’s about a tenner.


He was very pleased when my Goethe arrived, what with them both being German and knowing Wittenberg. They’ve been quite friendly with the Viking and go on picnics (please note the apple juice belonging to Luther, the designated driver, on the dashboard.)


Since the advent of historic Playmobil I suddenly understand adults collecting (and let’s face it, playing with) toys. Although I’d like to point out I only own two characters, the rest of the gang and their car have been living in the loft for a few years, part of my daughter’s childhood collection.

And again, I know what you’re thinking, this is a book blog, and this woman is obviously having some kind of meltdown, and to the first point I say this book is a really good read regarding the reformation, and has everything you need to know –


And to the second point, well, yeah. Maybe. Still, it’s could be worse. I could be dressing up my cat like Aladdin’s girlfriend and rolling her about the kitchen on a flying rug.

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