Library hauls save lives

Despite having a gazillion unread books on my shelves, I’ve been feeling uninspired by the titles in my TBR pile. I think my 2017 book-buying ban is beginning to bite and it feels like I’ve been infected by some reading malais. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Elena Ferrante’s Neopolitan novels, and I’ve dipped into some Angela Thirkell, but I can’t seem to shift this ennui with the books I already own.

I decided that something had to be done and a trip to Haverfordwest library certainly did the trick. Half an hour browsing the shelves, and some tricky decisions later and I left laden with sparkling joy. Here’s my fiction haul.

library haul 1

I’m ridiculously excited about all these. From the reviews I’ve read, Swing Time, The Glorious Heresies, and Under the Udala Trees are all must reads, and there’s been so much buzz around Station Eleven, I thought I’d give it a whirl too.

I did put a few books back in the end as I knew I’d not get them all read in time. The ones on the left didn’t make the cut this time, but I’ll probably pick those on my next trip.

library haul 3

Last, but not least, I picked out a few non-fiction reads. The top one will come in useful for my upcoming trip to Italy, and I thought I’d depress myself with some Naomi Klein as if a looming doom-laden election wasn’t enough to make me want to curl up under a stone for the foreseeable future. Detox Waters is the kind of book I love to browse through while crunching through my body-weight in crisps, and after much inner turmoil I decided to include the Sali Hughes book in the picture. Make-up is one of my greatest guilty pleasures and if that makes me seem just a tad more frivolous or even empty-headed than before, well, at least I’m being Pretty Honest!

library haul 2

For the record….. I’m still without a working computer so I’m having to hastily write this on my husband’s laptop while he’s taking a short break from writing up social work assignments. I apologise that I’m not leaving as many comments on the blogs I visit as I usually do, but while I’m able to read blog posts on my phone, tapping tiny keys with sausage fingers is truly tiresome.