View over the top of my book #22

I’ve given up trying to write any sort of book review for today’s post as I’m currently nursing (furiously shouting at) a dying computer. As there was the greatest possibility that my frustration may lead to me throwing the damn thing out of the window if/when it crashed again, I decided to kill two birds with one stone, by having a nice cuppa and a calming read in the garden, while making sure to take a quick snap of my view for today’s blog post.

View beds

To be honest, whilst the garden was bathed in sunshine, and filled with cheery birdsong, it was nippier than I’d expected, so I didn’t linger too long. From my rickety seat under the cherry tree I had a grand view of our new raised beds – look, actual plants not yet dead, it’s a miracle I tell ya!

View pond

Also, to the right of those there’s our pond which is teeming with tadpoles – I can’t wait for the little fellas to grow some limbs and start croaking (and by that I do actually mean croaking, not dying, although they’ll have to be on the alert for our cat Marcel. Let’s just say he’s pro-hunting, I swear he’d wear a Barbour jacket and Hunter wellies if he could.

View Marcel

To make it a bit more fun I thought I’d add a little teaser, to see if you can guess what book I’m reading just from the pictures. Here’s a close up of some of the pages.

View page 1

And another one.

View page 2

It might be a bit early in the season, but this plant might give you a clue.

view strawberries

Ok, time’s up. Have you guessed yet? It was, of course,Β Wild Strawberries by Angela Thirkell. A little early in the year perhaps, but Thirkell’s sharp wit and eccentric characters are really hitting the spot!