Life after books – what do you do?

I’ve recently started working as a part-time warden in a homeless hostel. When it’s quiet, I can’t really read – tempting a prospect as that might be, as I have to keep half an eye on security cameras, but I’ve discovered that I can knit. I’ve been knitting for quite a few years now, have run knitting workshops, created a knitted football blog and have even had a few of my knitting patterns published in magazines. After a period of such intensive knitting, I’d lost the love somewhere along the line, but knitting during quiet periods at work has rekindled the spark.


Thus far I’ve kitted out some of the teen residents with stripy covers for their phones, I’ve made some cabled wristbands and a baby bobble hat. I’ve a stash of lace weight merino wool in silvery grey, navy, mauve and magenta that I’ve not known what to do with for ages, so I’m currently trying to design a wavy ‘feather and fan’ stripy shawl pattern to use that up, then I’ve some socks to make for my dad, and my son, and a jumper for my daughter. Β That should keep me going for a while, and hopefully this new-found enthusiasm will power me through the long quiet stretches of my shifts.


Reading aside, knitting is up there as one of my biggest obsessions (OK, after football, maybe), and then there’s my on/off relationship with running, and my enthusiastic incompetence at yoga. call me a nosy parker, but what I’d like to know is, aside from reading, what are the hobbies and interests that float your boat?