It’s raining books!


It’s raining books,  hallelujah!

I’m gonna go out, I’m gonna let myself get,

seriously bruised and possibly concuuusssssed!!*


*Yeah, it falls apart there.  There’s no umbrella strong enough to handle a bout of physical literary precipitation.

So, it was my birthday, and I asked for books, more books, and nothing but books. My mum gave me money, and my daughter picked things off a book wish list, so there has been no unfortunate tray-of-toffee-with-a-mini-hammer, talcum powder or china ornaments incidents. And ‘Names for the Sea’, an account of Sarah Moss’ year in Iceland I had my eye on, came from Sarah, and I didn’t even have to ask her for it, or specifically for a book.

I’ve had ‘Odessa Stories’ on my list since reading a review on Kaggsy’s blog, and it was also a chance to add to my bowing shelf of non-fiction history books, and so with the those pictured above, I am also waiting for delivery of the books featured below, ordered with the money from my parents.


I’m hoping to get stuck into this lot soon, but I’m currently reading Hilary Mantel’s French Revolution breezeblock, ‘A Place of Greater Safety.’ I am not exaggerating when I say it’s the size and weight of a Shetland pony.  I have been dipping into ‘Necropolis’ which is about the history of death in London, the places which are built on plague pits (Liverpool Street Station! Under your feet are hoards of skeletons!), as well as history of death customs. Some of which I really should have known, but hadn’t thought about. For example, wearing black to signify mourning came from the Romans, who wore it as they believed it kept evil spirits (and I presume, recently deceased granny spirits) away, so it’s less about respect and symbolism and more about superstition.


PS.I couldn’t find a good gif from the Weather Girls’ 80s classic tune and karaoke favourite, and so have this one instead, which made me laugh for longer than it should have.