Happy New Books!

Firstly, let’s begin with a review of world events in 2016 –




Yep, that pretty much covers it, now onto the books I got for Christmas. I got more than I thought I would, partly as my daughter knows what I like, and secondly as I went out and bought some myself.


One I got for myself was due to reading a review on Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings. I’m a fan of Jerome K. Jerome, as well as Victorian/Edwardian/Georgian spooky stories. I find it hard to be scared by something coming out out of a burial cairn, for a start it would speak a different language and Google translate would be called upon, but things with candles, chimneys, photographs and stately homes really does it for me.

My daughter bought me the Charles Dickens book for Christmas, it’s short stories by him and his contemporaries like Wilkie Collins and Elizabeth Gaskell. I read her offering on Christmas night, ‘The Ghost in the Garden Room’ which actually turned out to be an Eastenders Christmas episode in disguise. It was about an ageing couple who have one child the spoil, who grows up to be a criminal who breaks all his promises, wastes his opportunities, and shows no gratitude. And later, it’s not a ghost in the house, it’s him, nicking their remaining pennies while ruffians working with him beat his parents. His mother dies of a stroke after giving evidence against him, the end. There, I’ve saved you the trouble of reading that story now.

I also replaced my missing M. R. James collection, and ordered E. F. Benson’s collection of short ghost stories, which like Jerome are also witty. And my biggest (in size and weight!) present was Alan Bennett’s ‘Keeping On Keeping On’, which now lives by my bed and is handy for dipping in an out of. Alan always cheers me up, even when he’s being grumpy.


Finally here are some random pictures, as I always take a photo of the last sunset of the year, and on my way to work on New Year’s Day I stop, look at the sea, get blown to bits and seriously messed-up hair, and take a blurred picture of the first daylight of the year. Sometimes it’s quite an impressive sunrise, however, it was just grey this year. These pictures often aren’t much to write home about, taking them has just become a yearly ritual. And we only had a little tiny dusting of snow here on Boxing Day, but it made our walk look nice, and the cemetery we went through became suitably Dickensian.