Glædelig Jul!

I took my teenage daughter to Copenhagen for two nights earlier this week, which was as magical and tastefully festive as you’d imagine, but the real story here is the struggle of getting books home when you only have hand luggage.

Denmark is a pricey at the best of times, but with the pummelled pound, it is now the land of a £5 shop sandwich and over £7 for a souvenir fridge magnet. My daughter bought two very nice postcards for over £3 each, and I morphed into my nan, telling her I’d want the artist there painting them for that price.

But, second hand books can always be relied upon. I have been learning Danish, and looked up bookshops prior to our trip, and found one that advertised a big table of books at only 10 kr (just over £1) each! Put down that postcard, child! You can get three books for that!

The man in Booktrader was exceptionally friendly and helpful, but all the while I was in there I was minded of the fact we had limited space, and must control myself. I had prepared for this by taking some tips from my brother, a regular light traveller, whose advice is to take things you can throw away if need be. Wear your oldest underwear, your worst PJs, and if on the last day you need room, you will have some sacrificial undies (and less washing when you get home). I had been concerned if I had been run over the medical staff would have thought I was wearing rags for knickers, but it was worth it.


It went on and on like this, we were in there a long time!

Hand luggage can’t go over 8kg, not that they often check, but if they see you walking double or if it takes two of you to get your bag into the overhead locker, they are going to suspect something is up. As my daughter has spindly teenage-girl arms, she opted to keep her bag by her feet.  And unlike other, more illegal items, books would be highly impractical not to mention downright painful to carry about or in one’s person.


The sticker on the back of the Peter Høeg book from when it was new says 300 kr. That’s nearly £33 for a paperback!

Here are some random pictures, including one of City hall (Rådhuset) as she’s a fan of The Killing, and season 1 was all about Sarah Lund dealing with corruption while warmly and sensibly dressed.


*Please note the wonder that is a polar bear royal family halfway up a hotel, and one hell of a massive wooden reindeer on wheels.