David Copperfield – it’s over!

With the end of the year approaching and my ridiculous poly-reading habits threatening the the legs of my bedside table,  I’ve been trying to get things read. This week I have finished both Sunset Song (reading a First World War novel around the time of Remembrance Day gave me a nice soundtrack to my sobbing at the novel)and David Copperfield, which has been lurking for months (feels like years) and is the the literary equivalent of trying to swim in Angel Delight (not butterscotch flavour, a boring one like strawberry).

I did not enjoy this book, and I’ll admit I started to scan the pages towards the end. Everyone in it bar Betsy Trotwood, Mr Dick and Ham deserves a slap. It feels wrong to look for parallels in a writer’s work with their lives, but I can’t but think after watching ‘The Invisible Woman’ about Dickens’ mistress that he’d have quite liked his wife to die in a convenient and saintly way and give him her blessing to find love elsewhere as Dora does for David, allowing him to marry Agnes, making the end of the book is all happy and bleuch.

Great Expectations is still my favourite Dickens, and I’m beginning to think it always will be.

Today I took a book back to the library, and in spite of trying to get things finished, it felt rude not to get anything new out while I was there. In a nice display I saw Ali Smith’s ‘Autumn’ which the picture doesn’t so justice to the cover. The title and author is embossed on to the russet linen, and the paining is a half-size dust jacket over just the bottom. The librarian and I mused about how sad it would be if someone lost it. If I really like it I’ll have to buy my own copy. I will have to start this now as it won’t be Autumn for much longer.


The books I am currently reading and that must be done by new year are as follows-

Zadie Smith – NW (not watching it on telly until I’m finished, a quarter left to go!)

Graeme Macrae Burnet – His Bloody Project (halfway!)

Alexandra Harris – Weatherland (possibly the best non-fiction book I have read in my life so far, and I’m only a third in)

 Kazuo Ishiguro – The Remains of the Day (also halfway)

Along with ‘Autumn’ I feel that lot is very do-able in time for the new year.