“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ― Albert Camus

This the best time of year. The scent of bonfires in the air, leaves aflame on trees, the drudgery and noise of the run-up to Christmas yet to take hold, and clothes returned to their more sensible combinations of jumpers and boots, corduroy and Fairisle. Screw summer and red-faced people eating Magnums while walking very slowly, and clothes I refuse to entertain as if you can’t wear a proper bra with it, I don’t want to know.

I had a day off yesterday and went for a walk in the local park, where I saw precisely no one. I also went into the back of the church that borders the park, something I’ve never done in the 10+ years of living here, and found a ruined building which at one point must have been very dark and creepy. It was soaking wet inside the ground low and sodden, and the gated area of what was probably a crypt-like building would have been very dark. A very angry looking cherub tops one grave (and there is something wrong with his left elbow, poor thing, looks like Gilderoy Lockhart has been trying to fix it), written in Latin, from 1731, with a skull in a hammock of bones at the bottom. The white marble tablet had been colonised by a red fungal-type growth, making the dark, enclosed grave even more atmospheric.

I also took delivery of a book that I bought solely for the pictures, as it is my dream to live in a cabin. Often when I’m supposed to be working I’m looking at websites where you can buy proper wooden houses with bedrooms and bathrooms in kit form, for reasonable prices, should you have the land and the extra funds to dig septic tanks and wire them up to the mains. I know some people live properly off-grid and have generators, but as much as I want a cabin, I also want reliable electricity and  wifi. ‘Cabin Porn’ is written by a few contributors, and while the pictures are the main reason for getting it, it also contains practical advice for building a home, as well as cool things like tree houses. However, I hate it when the word ‘porn’ is attached to anything that is not porn. Shoe porn. Stationary porn. Teapot porn. It all sounds so seedy and rubbishy.

And finally I got the owl teapot and fox mug in Asda, to round off an autumnal day, because I’m worth it.