Shelf Life #6

It’s been a while since I gave you a little peek at my bookshelves, and since my last #Shelflife post, I’ve acquired new bookshelves and had a bit of a re-shuffle. That means you may see the odd book making a re-appearance and some may well fall through the net. I’m sure we’ll all survive.

Continuing with the oranges (now housed on my new shelves) and then back to the old shelves as we enter the brown zone.

Just taking these pictures has made me realise how many of these are still in my TBR list. I must stop buying more books and read what I’ve already got. Those Graham Greenes are calling to me, and I’d better read Owen Jones’ The Establishment before it turns into ‘The Regime’.

The little stack in front of this shelf is of the books my daughter has picked out for me to read to her next. She reads loads on her own but still likes me to read to her too, which I love to do (but lord save me from Enid Blyton school stories – they may well be the death of me!)

The book Birds (lying on the top in the righthand picture) is a book I’ve had since childhood. I used to pour over it for hours, especially taken by the brilliant hue of the kingfisher, and the description of the Golden Eagle. It was probably the closest I’ll ever come to being a twitcher – although I don’t recall 1970s East Ham providing a thriving habitat for anything more exciting than sparrows and pigeons!