View Over The Top Of My Book #19

It’s the last week of the school tattie holidays, the two weeks off in October this part of the country has in order for children (of days gone by, these days the only way to get them in the muddy fields would involve Pokemons) to help bring in the harvest.

My daughter had photography homework to get done, so we went to the ruins of Elgin Cathedral (£7 to get in but worth it, you can climb to the top and there’s lost of displays of scary-face stone bosses). I took a few snaps, then spent the rest of the time enjoying the peace with my book, while she clambered about and got soggy in the grass taking arty shots. The autumn colours are also very much in evidence at the moment, suddenly making even routine drives very pretty.


The book I’m reading is Will Self’s The Butt, a tale that play on all our fears of being tourist arrested in a foreign county. The protagonist flicks a cigarette butt from his balcony and it burns the head of an elderly man, whose condition then worsens in an unrelated way, but the tribal laws take precedent and I’m at the part where things have started to spiral towards attempted murder. Yikes.

These are my two favourite pictures. When the stairs were renovated they re-used some old gravestones, and the two bishop statues look as if one of them has been through a rather tough game of Wizard Chess.