On Taking Time To Process, and Supermarket Sweep!

I was planning on writing a belated #1947 club post about Hans Fallada’s Alone in Berlin, which I’ve just I’ve just finished, but, I’m still in an aftermath of shock, and I feel I need some processing time to at least try and do justice to the novel. So…. I thought I’d show you my latest finds instead. I had to pop into Cardigan today for a bumper trip to not one, but two supermarkets – yawn! Afterwards, in the absence of a post-supermarket shopping trauma counselling service, I allowed myself a quick recovery mooch around a couple of charity shops on the high street.

I had a quick look in an animal charity shop – I’m not sure of its name – that doesn’t usually stock many books, and while there weren’t many, I spotted a green spine, and also the McSweeney for 50p each. I was mightily chuffed!


Oxfam was closed, so I popped into Ty Hafan, another charity shop that I usually bypass as it doesn’t have a huge selection of books, and picked up these for 99p each. I was particularly pleased to find the Kate Atkinson as while I frequently see her novels in charity shops (all the ones I’ve read!), I’ve never come across a secondhand copy of this one before – win!


I couldn’t leave town without a quick snoop in ‘Leafed Through’, Cardigan’s community bookshop. There wasn’t much new there, but I did buy the couple of books i’d not had enough cash on me to buy the last time I was there, and a couple of old feminist texts that I thought I might revisit.


Last but not least, after my recent running post, I’ve noted down all the suggestions for running books – both motivational and fiction, and will be ordering one or two each month in the hope that a slow but steady drip of running reading material will keep me going through the rain and cold of winter.  Here’s the first batch to arrive in the post.


I’ve had a few good book trawl flurries recently, so I think it’s time to rein it in for a bit. So I shall be spending less time browsing and more time getting some of them read!