Hurrah for ‘Off The Page’!

I do wish things had moved on just enough to be have been able to get Queen Victoria properly speaking on film. The one recording we have of her sounds like my washing machine when an under wire from a bra worked its way out of the bra and through one of the holes in the drum. So close, yet so far.

And that’s why I’m so grateful for what I found when I fell down a You Tube rabbit hole yesterday. It’s great to see good quality documentaries posted, and we don’t make nearly enough literature programs like this any more. And people change so much, they don’t make many ladies like Mary Stewart and Rumer Godden any more, either. There are quite a few in the series, I found them while looking for information on Steven Runciman, and I also love that they are filmed at the authors’ homes so we get to see their gardens and sofas, just like Through The Keyhole without all the guessing who it is rubbish.