The Book of my Dreams Is Coming!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the news of a forthcoming publication has me thinking ‘Ooo – interesting!’ before searching down the side of the sofa for a pencil to note down its name. However, sometimes, jotting down a title just isn’t enough. Occasionally news of a new book has you digging out your maracas and dancing around the living room singing Katrina and the Waves (Ok, just me then). Well, that was me this morning on my ecstatic discovery that Karl Ove Knausgaard has laid his struggles to one side and written a book with Fredrik Ekelund about…..wait for it……. football! *thuds to the floor in a full on Victorian swoon*.


Home and Away (translated by Donald Bartlett and Sean Kinsella) looks to be a book-loving, chin-stroking, football fanatic’s dream come true.

Here’s the tantalising blurb from the amazon website:

 Karl Ove Knausgaard and fellow writer Fredrik Ekelund kick around thoughts and ideas on football, life, art and politics

Karl Ove Knausgaard is sitting at home in Skåne with his wife, four small children and a dog. He is watching football on TV and falls asleep in front of the set. He likes 0-0 draws, cigarettes, coffee and Argentina.

Fredrik Ekelund is away, in Brazil, where he plays football on the beach and watches matches with friends. Fredrik loves games that end up 4-3 and teams that play beautiful football. He likes caipirinhas and Brazil.

Home and Away is an unusual football book, in which the two authors use football and the World Cup in Brazil as the arena for reflections on life and death, art and politics, class and literature. What does it mean to be at home in a globalised world?

This exchange of letters opens up new vistas and gives us stories from the lives of two creative writers. We get under their skin and have an insight into their relationships with modern times and football’s place in their lives, the significance the game has for people in general and the question: Was this the best football championship ever?

I’m fizzing with excitement, especially as they share their thoughts on the 2014 World Cup. I look back to that tournament with great fondness as it was that which ‘kicked off’ my gender political knitted sports reportage otherwise known as the knitted footballer.



I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy, but will have to just sit on my hands until the date of publication – November 3rd, which, in my house at least, will be declared a national holiday and no work shall be done for the entire 432 pages (coffee and biscuit replenishment excepted).