A cheering-up reading round-up

It’s been a funny old week.

Here in the UK we are nearing the end of conference season, with just the SNP to go later this month. I detest all political party conferences, they do terrible things to the news and make me despair for the future, and this week has been predictably alarming. To counteract it all I have been listening to Alan Bennett’s diary from Audible as I commute, as although this are included in a compilation book I have called ‘Writing Home’, he is reading this himself. It’s rather comforting to have Alan Bennett in your ears, talking about puncture repair kits and Thora Hird. His new diaries, from 2005 to 2015 will be released shortly, so that’s a bit of good news.


I am currently on the look-out for short books, and so picked up Slade House by David Mitchell. It’s entertaining if a bit scary, and features a strange brother and sister duo who go a bit Dementor-ish and eat other people’s souls, but their reason is to remain young, and immortal, so it seems where Olay’s ability to fight the seven signs of ageing leaves off, eating souls picks up.


And this lovely book came through my door this week. Plague, war, and hellfire, yes! If this doesn’t make the current political situation across the western world look better, nothing will!