It’s Bookermas Time!

Booookermas time, mistletoe and wine,

(or biscuits and tea, if you’re me)

Happy Bookermas everyone! Right now Father Booker is looking at his short list, deciding whose publisher to reward with a spike in sales and author with an interview in the Guardian. I would love to have the whole longlist, but even the whole short-list would also be out of my price range, and my local library specialises in Alexander McCall Smith, Stephen King and Catherine Cookson, and to order a Booker takes an age. So, I have treated myself to two books from the short list.

The first I liked the look of as it’s from a tiny Scottish imprint, and I like to visualise them dancing as money pours down their chimney. ‘His Bloody Project’ by Graeme Mcrae Burnet is set in 1869 and about a triple murder in the Highlands. The map in the cover shows it’s set near Applecross, which is a very pretty place well worth a visit if you’re nearby, however, the road is horrid. Beautiful, but horrid.


The second book is The Sellout by Paul Beatty. The young protagonist ends up in the supreme court after he sets about trying to reinstate slavery and segregate his local high school after his father is killed in a drive-by. The idea is so awful it’s fascinating, I have no idea how he began to write something that, you know, what?!


What I particularly like about both of these book is they are sensible sizes. I currently still reading a huge Byron biography, David Copperfield, and also am on page 597 of the 833 of Michael Faber’s ‘The Crimson Petal and the White’. Oh, how I long to get back to books that don’t also qualify as weight training.