What I did when I should have been writing this blog post

It looked like the rain and grey skies of Autumn had arrived for good, but yesterday the sun returned and cast it’s warm smile across the Preselis. I couldn’t bring myself to stay indoors,  so, eschewing my plans to get a book review ready for today, I donned my wellies and headed out for a walk with my best pal, Boo.


The road into the nearest village is flanked by fields, and I came across some happy pigs.


and some cows enjoying the sunshine.


one of the things I love about living here is the constantly changing hedgerows. As well as hedge sorrel and pennywort and spotted some lovely blackberries just have just ripened – they’re always quite late here because of the altitude and cooler summer weather.


Instead of heading into the village I turned onto the moor where I saw some wild ponies.


Despite the dry weather, the moor was still boggy in places. I run here all year round in all weathers and that usually means getting ankle deep in ice cold muddy swamp water. It was far more pleasant negotiating the odd patch of mud with wellies on for protection than tackling the zombie apocalypse swamp in trainers, I can tell you!


There are usually plenty of sheep around grazing on the moor, but most of them have been shipped out over the past week or so to who knows where? *gulp* The only sign of sheep was a carcass striped bare by a hungry fox.


The sheep wasn’t the only skeleton we found on the moor. It is also the place old farm machinery goes to die.


Nearing home, I passed the stone circle, Gors Fawr and its two outlying stones. It may be small but it’s the oldest stone circle in Pembrokeshire.

When I got home, I made the most of the dry weather and gave the potting shed a lick of wood protector, earning myself some serious brownie points with my husband.


In case you were worried that this post would be entirely book-free, rest assured that I spent the rest of the afternoon with my feet up reading Dodie Smith’s I Capture the Castle. I’m enjoying it so much that I’m having to intersperse it with chapters from my long neglected copy of David Copperfield to make it last longer. This is no bad thing – anything that gets me reading Dickens has got to be good.