The underrated benefits of Insomnia.

I do love the summer holidays but they don’t half eat into my reading time. Having my daughter at home and my son returned from sea, we’ve had a lovely time hanging out, meeting friends and making the most of the sunshine on some of West Wales’ beautiful beaches. We’ve had a lot of fun, but I’ve hardly had a moment to myself.

Ok, that’s not entirely true. My daughter is about to start secondary school and is scared stiff. I’ve been doing my best to be understanding, while also emitting an air of chipper positivity but I’m anxious too, and have been waking up at 3am nearly every morning for over a week. As anyone who has to spend a significant amount of time with me will tell you, I am not at my best when underslept and it doesn’t take much to discover that I have more snap than a gingernut biscuit.

Despite increased temper volatility, all this insomnia has had one benefit and that is time to read. I’ve very nearly finished Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale For the Time Being, a wonderful novel that I’ll need to finish some point today in order to email my thoughts in time for my book group’s meet up this evening (it’s in Brighton. When I moved to Wales, I missed my book group pals so much that I remained a member, but by correspondence).



School starts back on Monday, so I’ll have my reading time back again – hoorah! It’ll be time to catch up on my Pilgrimage reading challenge, read Orlando for #Woolfalong, and to finish off David Copperfield. As I’m still hooked on crime I’ve a few of those lined up, and I’m looking forward to the Dodie Smith which I’d planned to read over the summer, but didn’t get around to. Once my daughter gets into the swing of things at her new school, and with my reading time returned to me, I’m hoping my sleep will also return in lovely deep unbroken drifts. Fingers crossed.