Just rewards and guilty Secrets

Last week I took the children for a day trip to Tenby. It was just about warm enough to lark about on the beach, and we even had a bracing dip in the sea. I tried to remain philosophical over my rather lacklustre veggie burger while they tucked into their fish and chips with gusto. Then after a mooch around the lifeboat centre we stopped at a cafe for them to have ice-creams, while I attempted to drink the most revolting coffee I’ve ever tasted. I’d swear it was instant, but at filter coffee prices – the cheek! On our way back to the car we passed a couple of charity shops, and as I was feeling a bit miffed, I stretched the patience of the chimps by hopping into the Sartori store for a browse at the bookshelves. Despite the distracting melodramatic sighing and huffing around me, I managed to unearth this little clutch of beauties.

IMG_20160828_184233Β A few days later, I popped into Carmarthen with my daughter to pick up a few last minutes ‘back to school’ items ready for next week. We might have returned home none the wiser on where to buy the regulation rugby boots listed on the school’s ‘required kit’ list, but we did chance upon a ‘Free Books’ emporium. In a bid to reduce the amount of books going into landfill whilst also encouraging people to read more, Free Books Carmarthen allows you to browse the huge warehouse packed with row upon row of heaving bookshelves, and help yourself to three books per person, per day for free – how cool is that?

I was near hyperventilation point when it was announced that the shop was about to close for the day. Panic set in, as I had four books in my hand, and couldn’t choose between them, especially under pressure of time. As it turned out, my daughter had inadvertently picked up an Ian McEwan novel which had been misfiled in with the children’s books. As she didn’t have time for further browsing she took the extra one for me instead. Shhh! – don’t tell on me, will you?