Secondhand Persephones are like literary gold!

There are everyday book hauls, the ones in which you pick up a clutch of interesting titles to add to the steady accumulation of your own living incarceration in a paper carapace, and then there are those golden days when you find something miraculous nestled amid the walls of titles on a charity shop shelf that makes you want to howl at the moon.

Today was one of those days for me. A brief foray into Haverfordwest  Oxfam unearthed these beauties.


While I’m happy with the Alan Bennetts, it’s the other three I’m particularly thrilled with. I’ve been keeping an eye out for other Winifred Holtby novels since reading The Land of Green Ginger so I was pleased to spot Anderby Wold. Then I noticed the tell-tale covers of two Persephone publications – The Far Cry by Emma Smith  which is not a title I’ve come across before,  and Someone at a Distance by Dorothy Whipple, which I’ve been on the lookout for for some time.

I very rarely find Persephone books secondhand, and they’re so expensive to buy on-line, so I was even more thrilled that I picked all of these up for 99p each – what a bargain! I thought such a find warranted a celebration, so I took my long-suffering daughter round the corner to Cafe Rio for a drink and a bun!



*I am currently teaching dancing hippies to knit in a field in Pembrokeshire and look forward to catching up on comments and what’s been happening in the blogosphere on my return!