The Joy of New Bookshelves

The mounting stacks of secondhand book bargains recently reached critical mass in our house. As we’ve been in need of some kind of wardrobe for months, and had to hire a van to move some garden furniture my parents were getting rid of, we decided a trip to Cardiff’s Ikea was in order.


Ikea gets a bad rap from many people because of the queues and the prescriptive access around the store, all followed by the challenging process of assembly when you get home, but I must admit I love it. I know it’s better to buy secondhand, and on the whole we do, but the idea of buying an item you need, and having the added bonus of a logical construction puzzle thrown in for free, providing hours of fun and subsequent job satisfaction elevates it tenfold.

Anyway, here are our new bookshelves. We now have a sunshine corner with all the yellows and oranges together, and every time I look at them I feel a little flutter of pride in my work.