View over the top of my book #18


As an officer cadet in the Merchant Navy, my son is currently on his first sea voyage. After a couple of terms at Nautical College, he set sail for four months on a course around Europe and down along the coast of South America twice. He’s currently on the second leg of that trip, but we got to see him recently when his ship docked in London for the day.

It was wonderful to see him and such an insight into the machinations of container shipping. I was fascinated by both the logistics and machinery of shifting the cargo with speed, efficiency and accuracy. It was incredible to watch – almost like a Sci Fi movie.

I couldn’t resist a view over my book –ย War and Peace no less – while the wholesale transportation of (most likely) coffee and bananas taking place in the background. We had a good look nose the ship, and at all the gadgetry on the Bridge which looked like it came straight out of ‘Star Trek’. I loved that the cadets even have a little swimming pool that can be pumped full of sea water, although they save that treat for when they’re near the equator, and both the climate and water are a little more balmy.