Rhubarb rock and misleading surnames

This year my daughter got money and a trip for her 17th birthday, but I wanted her to have something to open on the morning, so went off to the Kinnaird Head, which is Fraserburgh’s lighthouse. We all know gift shops are where you find the best little knick-knacks, and so I got her a fabric bag and some pencils, rubbers, a sharpener shaped like a toadstool and a stick of rhubarb-flavoured rock (it’s burgundy with a green centre, awesome), you know, all the essentials.

They also have books there, mainly ones about local history, but I saw this super-cheap Wordsworth classic of John Buchan’s stories. Buchan is a really common surname name around here, it is also the name of the area and our tartan, and the lady behind the till said they are always selling out of this collection of his stories. However, a quick Google tells me John Buchan wasn’t actually from Buchan (he’s from Perthshire!) which makes me wonder if David Essex is actually from Essex, or if Mr Rochester was actually from Rochester, and so on.


I have been to the lighthouse many times, it’s somewhere to take visiting relatives as it has a museum with a huge-windowed cafe that is practically in the sea it’s so close. It’s also a marvel of up-cycling, as it’s built out of the old Fraserburgh castle. I’d like to have seen the planning application for that one.

The book contains The Thirty Nine Steps, which is on the list of 100 Greatest Novels, and I’m sure I’ve seen the film with Robert Powell, although I can’t remember anything about it as I was very young. Is he from Powell Island in the South Orkney Islands? Nope, he’s from Salford, it’s all a swizz.


You alright up there, our kid?