The Enemy of Reading


I had such good intentions of attempting #20 books of Summer, and have a stack of novels lined up for various readalongs I’m either in the middle of or planning to join in with. I even sacrificed breathing, sleeping and eating to get through War and Peace in super quick time, so it wouldn’t hold up the rest of my summer reading plans. But I’d overlooked a major hurdle to my plans – the Euros 2016.

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I’m not only crazy about football, and would watch every game if I could, but I knit it for my other blog the knitted footballer , too, and that takes up a lot of time *sigh*. So, unless I indulge in some extreme marathon book consumption during August, it looks like my #20 books will be closer to five! Still, at least I’ll have lots of knitted footballers to show for it, which I’m sure will come in useful for something, one day.




My Euros 2016 wall chart. If you look closely at the bottom right, you can see I’ve prettied up the shirt of France’s Dimitri Payet, because I love him. (It’s a West Ham United thing 😉 )