Tidy Eye Candy

I live my life according to the principle that anything can be sorted by buying a book on it. Well, almost, Paul McKenna has yet to make me thin, but maybe there is a book out there that can, I just haven’t read it, yet.

So, as my current, burning pre-occupation is to clean, de-clutter and tidy, I bought this book on home organisation by Toni Hammersley. Some of the ideas seem quite simple, some quite unlikely (I’m never going to have a gift wrapping station, I don’t know or like enough people to warrant such a frivolous devotion of space) but some I find myself wondering if I’ve had a blow to the head, as why did not think of it before!? Storing Tupperware with lids off, stacked inside each other, rather than in a plastic pyramid that threatens to rain down upon me every time I open the cupboard. That piece of information is going to change my life!

Essentially this book by is what I think of as ‘tidy porn’. These are the kinds of pictures I look at on Pinterest, then look at my home, and reach for the black bags. I find it really easy to let junk accumulate, and then it starts to have the same effect on me as Jacob Marley’s chains. In the afterlife I will be dragging along mountains of old ice cream tubs that might just come in handy for storage, and bank statements jammed into a drawer not to be dealt with until moving house. Looking at pictures of tidiness has the same effect on me as looking at pictures of cakes, it’s easy to visually motivate me into getting what I want. Maybe I should buy a book full of pictures of brown rice and apples? Maybe that is the way a book will sort out my fear of swimsuits?



If I had a linen cupboard like that, I’d keep the doors open all day just to marvel at the beauty.



I have included this picture as look at the make-up collection in the bottom right, it’s almost super-human!



Do your craft shelves look like this? NEITHER DO MINE!



This is my favourite picture as it features rainbow shelves, but also shows the best way to keep storage baskets tidy. Don’t put anything in them. Sorted.