Sunshine and Wisteria plus Popcorn and Pyjamas – How to turn everyday into an Enchanted April.

After reading and luxuriating in the wondrous novel, The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim, I couldn’t resist getting hold of a copy of the DVD for an afternoon of sunshine and wisteria at San Salvatore with my daughter. Clearly an impromptu matinee in our home cinema (*cough* lounge) called for pjs and popcorn to feel truly indulgent, and I just hoped the film would live up to my rather high expectations after having enjoyed the novel so much.

When the cast boasts such stellar names as Miranda Richardson, Joan Plowright, Jim Broadbent, Alfred Molina and Josie Lawrence, you know you’re in safe hands. I thought the film wonderfully evoked the dreamy paradise in rural Italy as if summoned straight out of the pages of the novel. The casting of Rose, Lottie, Caroline and Mrs Fisher was inspired, and it was only Alfred Molina who gave me pause. That’s not to cast any criticism of his acting, only that once one realises that he is surely the reincarnation of Marcel Proust for the modern age, one cannot be shaken from the fact. I did find myself expecting him to catch a sniffle or start calling for his mother at any moment, but it passed and I was able to enjoy the rest of the film in peaceful rapture.

With it’s stunning scenery, dazzling cast and charming story-line, I have a feeling that Enchanted April will be a popular choice in our house, on rainy days, sofa-bound sick-days and those days when a little sunshine and wisteria wouldn’t go amiss.