Vote for me! Book chairs for all!

I am currently possessed by the spirit of a much tidier person. I am running about the house with a black bin bag and a tin of white paint and woe betide anything that gets in the way (especially my black cat, unless she’s hoping for a fun Pepé le Pew interlude.)

I’m throwing out anything that is useless or tatty, and possibly annoying the local charity shops with the amount of stuff I am showing up with on a daily basis. I used to move house every couple of years, both as a child with a Ministry of Defence dad and as an adult with itchy feet (yes, I know you can get an ointment for that), and so I never had much chance to accumulate ‘stuff’, I’ve been in this little farm cottage for ten years now, and I’ve got stuff coming out of my ears (if only they could prescribe something to eradicate stuff!)

However, I’m not getting rid of books unless they are non-fiction tosh (mainly new-agey gifts) or novels I have really hated. I’m following the rules used for clearing out clothes, if I wouldn’t re-buy it now, it goe,s but I do wish there were some better ways to store books, to build them into the house in ingenious ways. There’s lots of pictures on the internet of arty chairs and little houses made of books, but nothing a human would want to sit on, or live in.

There are lots of ideas for making bookshelves and tables out of books, but they all involve glue, and I don’t want to damage and recycle, I want to keep!

These chairs seem to be quite popular, and possibly to sit on, and there’s even a link here of how to make you own, if you have more skill with a saw and a hammer than a three-legged Bassett Hound, which I’m afraid is my current level.

Ideally, they need to use this idea to make sofas, beds, TVs, fridges and ovens (okay, not ovens). Imagine if every household object and appliance had a book storage rating?! If I ever stand for parliament, that will be my platform.