Shelf Life #5

Welcome to Penguin World! This is a bit of a boring book shelf I’m afraid. There are no knick-knacks to break up the orange monotony, and many of these books are old and shabby with difficult to read spines. However, there are many treasures here if you look hard enough.


In the right hand picture you can see I’ve got some well-loved PG Wodehouse novels and my battered copy of Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons, which I fear may have to be replaced at some point as that is a novel I frequently return to, and I’m not sure how many more readings that lovely copy can take. I have a few Thomas Mann novels which I keep meaning to read, but haven’t as yet got round to. There is an Andre Gide, a Joyce and a couple of Huxleys on the left.

Of the pair of Françoise Sagan novels, I’ve read Bonjour Tristesse but haven’t yet got round to La Chamade. The unclear novel to the left of A Room with a View is Philip Roth’s The Ghost Writer. which I’d forgotten I had, so that’s been a lucky find!

I love the Virginia Woolf volume in the middle, it’s such a beautiful edition. Quite a few of these books are near the top of my TBR list and I’m really looking forward to them – the Margaret Atwood, the EF Benson and the Iris Murdoch, which will be a re-read after over 30 years. I wonder what I’ll make of it this time round.


*I’m currently away but will catch up and respond to comments when I get back next week!