A bookworm’s holiday packing dilemmas:

After ebaying the mountain of old and ill-fitting clothes that has been sitting in the loft for months, we’ve paid for a last minute holiday to Kefalonia leaving next week. It’s all very exciting, especially as it has only cost us a load of unwanted clothes and the never-ending yawn-fest of listing everything, parcelling it up and posting it all off.

Choosing what clothes to take has been no sweat as I like to keep things minimal, but my big dilemma has been deciding what books to take. I read Louis De Berniere’s Captain Corelli’s Mandolin before going to Kefalonia many years ago and am tempted to reread it while we’re there, but other books on my TBR list are crying out to be read, so I’m torn. Do I make the most of the opportunity to read intensively by immersing myself in Tolstoy’sΒ War and Peace, or would it be better to save that for a Winter fireside, preferably with an inch or two of snow on the ground.


So far I’ve narrowed down my selection to these, but realistically, I need to get that down to three – four at a push.


I figure that I could take two of the heftier reads, from the pile below –


Then a lighter read from here –


Then I wondered whether to scarp that altogether and just take volumes two & three of Elena Ferrante’s Neopolitan series, or maybe some Proust, or………arrrrrrrrrggggh! You can see my problem. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.