Mintlaw to Moldova with David Copperfield

I like the occasional audio book, it’s a way to imbibe books when driving. I often get language books and sit in traffic trying not to spit at the windscreen in my efforts with pronunciation, but when my credit Audible came up this month, I decided to remember the neglected Dickens Challenge (we’re not short of a challenge or two on HBH). I know the story of David Copperfield, but have never read it, and it’s a hell of a big book. And it’s also a hell of a big audiobook. And as much as I love Richard Armitage’s voice, this is going to be one epic journey for us and I’m not sure how I’ll feel about him by the end.


The journey is 36 hours and 36 minutes, to be precise. I wondered how far I would have to drive before Charles Dickens was done, and according to Google, I could get to Moldova, 2044 miles from my house (with an extra 36 min stop for a loo break, though I think more than one might be necessary).


I could also –

Watch all three Lord of the Rings films, extended editions, THREE times over (34 hours 9 minutes, and still have time for Aragorn to massage life back onto the atrophied limbs.)

Watch 87.5 episodes of the Golden Girls *yay!*

Attend 16 children’s birthday parties (organised, 2 hour play centre/restaurant variety) *shudder*

Watch 10.5 Eurovision Song Contests *yay!*

Boil 732 3 minute eggs

I could go on, but you get the picture. This is a very long book. Now to paraphrase Captain Lawrence Oates, I’m just putting on my headphones, and I might be some time.