Daphne Du Maurier and Vintage Chocolate

I know I’m always harping on about yesteryear and I’m a walking blob of nostalgia who talks about discontinued chocolate bars more than is healthy (come back Secret, Pyramint and Bitz! I miss you! My life is hollow without Fuse bars, and the Fry’s Chocolate Cream bars that had 5 different flavour creams in one) but they really don’t make news reports like they used to, such as this very short video about Daphne Du Maurier. And thankfully, they don’t make kid’s swings like they used to, either, as at first glance I thought she had a home-made guillotine in her garden.


And clearly a clipboard wouldn’t go amiss, there’s no ways she’s writing best sellers on a flappy piece of paper on her knee.

I also found this, a good quality radio play/adaptation with the scary-looking (and often sounding) Ian Richardson. It’s an hour and half, so should be good, and will fit bed time nicely.


And I’m aware this is supposed to be bookie and weren’t not Buzzfeed, but I’m just gonna leave these pictures here…feel free to talk to me about lost but not forgotten chocolate.


And by the way, these Clarnicos are gone, now. Slipped away without an announcement. I shall miss them *sniff sniff* they were great for those of us who don’t trust our fillings with chewy mints. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, modern life is rubbish. I want to sit in Daphne’s garden with a quarter or aniseed balls.