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It’s exam season! This means my teenage daughter is on study leave, scattering pieces of paper everywhere she goes and generally working herself up into a tizzy. So, as I had a day off work I decided we’d go for a picnic at Deer Abbey at lunchtime, to allow the actually-warm sun to have contact with her skin, and real air in her lungs.


The inside of the main door. The sort of thing people could bang on and scream ‘Sanctury! Sanctury!’ before the Reformation came a-knocking.

Deer Abbey is an old Cistercian monastery less than five minutes from my house, and so like other local things, generally ignored. We had the whole place to ourselves, it’s free to get in, with the residents of a nearby house locking it up each night. It’s so rare to get a properly hot day here, it feels criminal not to make the most of it. Plus, as readers of my last post will know, I’m all about monks at the moment. If I won the lottery I’d pay Derek Jacobi to come up here and throw out Cadfael-esque lines in a one man open-air show.

The book I’m reading is ‘Unexploded’ by Alison Macleod, which was recommended to me ages ago by Sarah, and I totally forgot I had it. It’s one of the best researched WWII novels regarding the home front I’ve read. There’s also a wonderful bit where the main character, Evelyn, goes to a lecture given by Virginia Woolf. It had a most peculiar effect on me, I found myself quite nervous with excitement when Virginia took to the podium, as if we were really about to meet her.



There is a small new-ish part where the archaeological finds are kept, mullions of windows, basins and stone tombs.


And because I’m a complete child, I felt the need to take a picture of where the toilet would have been.