Shelf Life #4

My parents recently moved to a smaller house, and while I benefited from a clerks desk, I also really wanted a book case. My mum has tons of them, and so when she said there were book cases in the shed that she just couldn’t fit anywhere into the new house, I hot-footed it over there hoping for one of the ones which have diamond-pane leaded glass doors, so Victorian housemaids didn’t spend all day dusting the coal dust from the books.

However, no. It’s a rather tall, skinny and functional bookcase, and don’t get me wrong, I’m glad of it, but it’s not the one I was hoping to weasel away with. The upside is it’s so slim it fits behind a door, and so I no longer have piles of books all over the fireplace. Which is great as now the area is free for a new accumulation of piles, whoo!

It also means the Kate Atkinsons and Sarah Waters can be grouped together like wot proper grown ups do. I have way more Atwoods than you can see there, and I will organise them soon, as part of a fun afternoon of home library curating.


Mum also gave me some Georgette Heyers she has doubles of. I love the cover art. I didn’t bother photographing the newer editions, not while there’s these beauties to make a caption competition out of!





Madam, stop monkeying around and get me some washing-up liquid, I have bubbles to blow!


Ouch! Next time you feel like doing a trick, pull a rabbit from a hat. That was most unpleasant.


Was it you that left a cup on my book? Well!? Don’t think I won’t shoot!