Happy belated independent bookstore day!

It was on 30th of April, although to be honest, every day is independent bookshop (also known as the mother ship) day.

I fear for independent bookshops, as in an age where chains of bookshops are feeling the pinch, especially at the hands of Amazon,  it is a real worry how the smaller guys will survive. As tempting as it is to put in big Amazon order of shiny bargains, rather like refined sugar consumption and using cars for short journeys, if we can’t stop it altogether we should at least make efforts to reduce it where we can.

Twitter was out in force to celebrate the day, and encourage those who need it (not us) to go out and buy books. The below Guardian article is something I could see myself planning holidays around.

The image below actually brings me out in a cold sweat. There is no way I could go up and pay for a book without knowing who wrote it, or what the cover looks like. It might be something later adapted for TV and have a photos of actors on the front, and we must protect ourselves from such abominations!

And this one is for Sarah, although if Morrissey were between me and a bookshelf, he’d get a prod in the ribs with my umbrella. Go drape your untidy body somewhere else, mister!