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On Monday my daughter and I braved the chilly weather and headed across the moor for a walk . Nestled at the foot of the Preselis is a monument to the poet Waldo Williams who lived in the village during his childhood. While Elizabeth von Arnim’s Β The Enchanted April transported me to the sunshine and wisteria of Italy, my daughter enjoyed herself scrambling over the boulders all around.



The boulders are made of bluestone, the same type of rock that Stonehenge is made from, that is peculiar to this area. How the stones got from here to Wiltshire no one really knows, though many theories abound, but it is something which baffles historians to this day. It comes as no surprise then, that across the road to the Waldo stone there is another monument also made of the same bluestone, commemorating the connection with Stonehenge.