Shelf life #3

I thought I’d give you another peek at my shelves. Still in the yellows, but there are a few peachy apricots at the end of the row as they move towards orange or the land of the Penguins.


The first thing I see in this picture is a guilt-inducing sight of my Welsh book. I have my certificate for the Mynediad level or level 1, but learning Welsh was a slog and my motivation to learn has evaporated for the time being. My most recent efforts were driven by my wanting to support my daughter who is in a Welsh language school, but she just ran with it and laughs at my every utterance in Cymraeg.

Precious Inheritance was written by a neighbour, Cliff, who is passionate about traditional cob and lime wash building of which the book is about. I love Shaun Tan’s illustrations, and Tales From Outer Suburbia is wonderfully quirky. There are a couple of Steiner books in there, I have yet to read the Machiavelli and the Wharton, and I’m keeping hold of Caitlin Moran’s book for my daughter when she’s older.


Yonen Buzz is the name of a band, and I’m slowly collecting all five volumes of this series of graphic novels mainly for Plaka’s magnificent illustrations of hair.  The Lexicon of Dreams  was published to accompany an exhibition of Indian art, and was a gift from a friend I made when I did my Masters in Art History. Sadly we’ve lost touch, but I remember that time fondly.


I read Jim Crace’s Harvest as the inaugural book choice of an ill-fated socialist book group that I went to last year. The group disbanded after one meeting when the guy that set it up left because we wouldn’t agree to his terms and conditions. Oh, the irony! I doubt I’d read it again so I could donate it, but it still makes me chuckle whenever I see it.


I’ve spotted a novel here that’s not mine – eek! Laura Esquivel’s Malinche was a loan from my friend Do who lives just down the road. I’ll have to pop that back with some buns as I’ve had it for ages.


I’d love to find time to reread Shirley Hazzard’s The Great Fire. I read it for my book groups years ago and while I don’t remember the plot, the mood of the book has stayed with me, and I remember the prose was beautiful.

IMG_20160416_130150There are some well loved books here. Elizabeth Taylor is a recent favourite author, and Yann Martel’s Life of Pi is a classic that I’d love to read again at some point. Craig Thompson is one of my favourite graphic novelists and I’m holding on to Jon Ronson’s Them to give to the next delusional person I meet who tries to tell me that David Icke might be on to something.

So that’s the yellows all done. I guess that means the future is orange!