Get a move on!

Recently, Sarah mentioned the need for a walk-in TBR room, as opposed to a walk-in wardrobe. This is funny because it’s true. I have divisions of TBR piles, shelves and baskets, depending on length of ownership and urgency. However, like many other fickle folk out there, time and time again books in the TBR room, pile and shelves are ignored, and a shiny new purchase barely out of my bag is read in one or two sittings.

I imagine this upsets the other books. They are like patients waiting to see a doctor, except the title that barged in ahead of them isn’t an emergency or a more needy case, I just fancy it more. They must all jump out of their plastic chairs and wave their numbers in the air with indignant arms, and it wont be long before one of them demands to speak to someone in charge. Eighteen months Finnegans Wake has been waiting to see me, and yet I started reading Kurkov’s Death And The Penguin before I’d even got home from the shop, parking myself on a bench with a take-away hot chocolate.

One thing a book does have to look forward to is the bedside table pile. When a book gets moved there, I am either reading it, or will be very shortly, as I have to look at it twice a day. This is where the all the books want to be. The sticky tabs I use a bookmarks show all the books in progress, and the few without have just been put there are they were calling me from their respective corners of the house. When I first heard them I thought my cat wanted to go out for a pee, but no, it was the books.



Help us! We’ve been her so long! I didn’t have this moustache when I first got here.


Sometimes I wonder if I should have a TBR planner that emails me alerts when a book has been forgotten for two long, or maybe knock up a spreadsheet, as I often forget I’ve bought books, and have been known to buy two copies by accident. All suggestions about how to keep on top of the TBR situation and create some kind of order will be gratefully received. And before anyone says it, not buying any more books until they have all been read is not an option. Life is short.