Doing my bit for charity and the economy (er…again)

I’m all heart, me.

It was a totally selfless act, purely for the benefit of Waterstones, that I bought a new copy of Kate Atkinson’s Emotionally Weird. And then I went to Oxfam and bought The Behaviour of Moths as I like moths. That’s it, really, I have no idea what it’s about or like. The Turn Of The Screw is something I think I should read, and the child on the front has the look of one that has just woken up in the back of a car and is deciding whether or not to start wailing. I bought The Bell Jar as all I know about Sylvia Plath is that she killed herself and was once played by Gwyneth Paltrow, neither of which are things I’d want to hire a plane and have written in the sky if I were her. Also, it’s quite a thin book, which was what I needed to balance out the Hilary Mantel brick, A Place of Greater Safety about the French revolution, that’s almost certainly to have a body count worthy of a drinking game, but as I don’t drink, I might make it a cake or biscuit game. Therefore, it’s Hilary Mantel’s fault if her book adds to the inches I can pinch.